Orphan Train Annie – The Sequel

It seemed like everything that Annie once loved, she lost in one way or another. Upon marriage, Annie believed her life was fulfilled with one exception – her inability to have a child. Hoping that her husband, Cal would consider adoption from the Orphan Train similar to her and her siblings’ experiences, instead tragedy struck unexpectedly which shattered everyone’s dreams. A catastrophic fire destroyed their farmhouse forcing their relocation and a return to the Lake Michigan Commercial Shipping existence. After that, one heartbreaking disaster after another resulted in tearing their marriage and lives apart.

Would they be able to overcome their misfortunates to reunite or could Annie, who must overcome her grief, be able to move on? The sequel to “Orphan Train Annie” with a poignant, heartrending conclusion, continues the story of one orphan who must overcome tragedy to fulfill her heart’s desire of love and family.



 Heartwarming Novel of Healing

Kim Campbell accomplished her dreams of becoming a lawyer in New York City, but her past secrets continued to haunt her privately, particularly in relationships.  When she was assigned to defend a brute in a similar case that traumatized her as a child, it turned her world upside down.

     Coop Yankton, a wounded warrior, just returned from his military tour injured and with PTSD. While visiting her Aunt Nell  in Colorado over Christmas, Kim was involved in a baffling incident while caught in a snowstorm which brought back lingering memories. Troubled, she desired answers to her past, but could Coop be the one to give them to her?

     This is a novel depicting two different victims who must overcome challenges through mysterious means, to resolve issues of the past to be able to seek love and a promising future. Only $0.99 on Kindle, always free to KU members and $7.95 + S&H for paperback (Amazon and Createspace).


Power Partners Justice Seekers

Book 3 of the Power PI Partners

When Russ Moreland and Kate Mulholland are sidelined from their private investigation business, sister Pat Dempsey finds herself embroiled in the midst of an ongoing human trafficking ring. She, along with her golfing friend Bertie Lane, decides to purchase handguns for self-protection which prove valuable to their well-being. While this is happening Pat bumps into an old friend, Tuck Itale, with whom she finds a valued companion especially in the publishing world. Together, they help law enforcement locate and bring justice to society’s most vulnerable despite close calls.

Join Pat, Bertie, and Tuck in this riveting and thrilling crime mystery that changes the very purpose and direction of their once complacent lifestyles to make a difference for others. Only $0.99 on Kindle and $6.95 plus S&H for a paperback on Createspace and Amazon.


Full Circle to Forgiveness

    In this inspiring, yet conflicting novel, two girls, who equally experienced the ultimate trauma in their lives, find themselves ostracized and condemned by their families. Will they find that one person or magic distraction to support and comfort until they can emotionally heal from their experiences? Can they depend on one another to fulfill their gifts and talents to make a difference for themselves and others? And is it in their future to forgive those who have wronged them so they can ultimately find happiness in their lives? It may take a lifetime, but there is always the hope of righting a wrong, and by accepting the inevitable while coming full circle to be able to ultimately forgive. Only then could the ongoing nightmares be put to rest and to be free from oneself and the past. Only $0.99 on Kindle (free to all KU/Prime users) and $7.95 (paperback) on Createspace or Amazon.


Murder: Sedona Style

Sequel to Murder in *Sin City West*, Arizona

     Kate Mulholland and Russ Moreland, who currently partnered up as private investigators following their successful outcome in ‘Murder in Sin City West, Arizona’, return from Michigan to become enmeshed in yet another missing person’s case while visiting Sedona. With the help of Kate’s meddling sister, Pat, it becomes a community effort to find justice in this and other cases. However, unknown to all, the perpetrators are those who are well-known by many. A larger than life investigation spreads far and wide in this thrilling crime novel with an unexpected twist that leaves the reader on edge all the way to an unforeseen conclusion

Only $0.99 on Kindle or $6.50 in paperback at Amazon and Createspace.





Secret Winds of Betrayal

   Unforeseen mystery and intrigue amidst devastating crime affect Katie and her Aunt Beth, both shattered by losses and betrayal while attempting to rebuild their lives, protecting their secrets within.                                  

   But can they ever heal and trust again in this captivating novel of murder and family dynamics with need for forgiveness before realizing their forever love? A must read for those who enjoy an enigmatic thriller from beginning to its unanticipated conclusion.

Only $0.99 on Kindle or $8.95 in paperback (Amazon and Createspace). All Kindle books free anytime on KU/Prime.

The Preacher’s Family

Shattered Souls


Pastor Dave Samson, his wife Faith and three daughters lived a Christian life within the church, being well-respected and loved within their small community. That is before the youngest daughter, caught up with a secret, attempts to cover it up with devastating results, destroying the entire family with its consequences. Ripped from their idyllic existence, they must all cope in their own way to regain their faith in people and their beliefs while learning to love, forgive, and accept one another once again.

This is a powerful and heart-wrenching drama of how one member of the family can affect each other by their actions with shattering results. A crucial read for all young women who must make difficult decisions about their future and the significance of its impact on everyone involved. Available on Kindle for $0.99 and Amazon/Createspace for $6.99. A must read for every high school girl and older on how their actions can have a domino effect on everyone around them.



Murder in *Sin City West* Arizona


Nobody was aware of the many secrets  being harbored in an idyllic senior  community near Phoenix, Arizona which  ultimately resulted in a dual murder. Kate  Mulholland, who was forced into retirement  as a long-time police officer in Michigan,  following the passing of her husband, decided  to visit her sister Pat, who resided there.  Unwittingly, she found herself enmeshed in an  unsolved murder involving Pat’s ex-husband’s  sister, Stella, whom Pat detested for her loose  lifestyle. Believing in Stella’s innocence, Kate  joins the investigation just to become  embroiled in a second murder when she meets  Russ, another retired police officer, who is  related to the latest victim. They agree to team up as professional private detectives, unearthing much more than anticipated in the process. Yet Pat, who is bored, clandestinely meddles within this dangerous scenario while attempting to uncover vital clues on her own, while jeopardizing herself. This riveting, murder mystery desert thriller, is a must read for those who enjoy twists and turns, mixed with a bit of family dynamics and romance, for an unforeseeable, dramatic conclusion. Only $.99 on Kindle and $5.95 in paperback on Createspace and Amazon.


Orphan Train Angel Seeker

(Book Five of the Orphan Train Adventures)


“Orphan Train Angel Seeker” is the newest  book of the inspiring and popular “Orphan  Train Adventures”. Angela, a beautiful child  with auburn hair, was fortunate to be adopted  locally in NYC after her parents died, while  her brothers were placed during an Orphan  Train excursion in a Midwestern farm  community in 1914. During her high school  years, her adopted parents decided to board  her at a Catholic Convent School. Not desiring  to become a nun but to ultimately reunite  Orphan Train families, the principal finds a  position for her at a Children’s Home in  nearby Chicago where she also secures  contract work with the Pinkerton Agency. She  falls for the young director, not realizing that he has associations with the Mob, putting her in danger. As a mentor to a younger orphan, both of their lives take flight while attempting to find love and stability in all of the wrong places. Despite her many admirers, Angela cannot get one out of her mind. But, can he protect her from the Mob and ultimately seek her out to ask for her forgiveness and love? A heartwarming novel about families wanting to come together and an ‘angel’ named Angela who seeks to make this all possible. $1.99 on Amazon and $7.95 on Createspace and Amazon (plus S&H).


 Psychic Crime Solver:

Dr. Maggie Willis

Sequel to “The Past Lives of Tara” – summary below

Dr. Maggie Willis, who helped Tara in “The  Past Lives of Tara” turn her life around  through hypnosis and by unraveling a  murder, was approached by law enforcement  to solve crimes with her psychic abilities.  Recently retired from her high-end NYC  practice and in remission from cancer while  writing a book about her experiences, she was  grateful to use her mystical talents by helping  others. Coupled with a retired NYPD  detective, they make for an excellent team  despite opposite personalities. Join Maggie  with her multi-faceted psychic capabilities to  solve past crimes while protecting those who  come to depend on her from danger. A must  read for all those seeking a fascinating novel of how two entities can join together into one reality to make a difference for those affected by crime and corruption. Only $0.99 on Kindle and $6.95 (plus S&H) in paperback on Amazon and Createspace!


The Past Lives of Tara


Tara Nelson had finally reached her personal  goals in life after obtaining a new job,  promotion, and her own office in New York  City. However, everything seemed to collapse  at once after her recently widowed mother  broke her hip leaving Tara to suddenly care  for her. Her boyfriend dumped her, a creepy  handyman began stalking her, and she  somehow found herself enmeshed in the  middle of a murder of the elderly lady in the  apartment above her. Taking a Family Medical  Leave, Tara unexpectedly found herself drawn  into the world of past lives as her mother’s  friends continued with séances to talk with  their departed loved ones. Realizing that Tara  had ongoing relationship issues, Dr. Maggie Willis, who was writing a book on the subject, encouraged her to participate in hypnotic sessions. But instead, amidst fear and despair, were messages from beyond that her life was in danger.

This book is one of mystery, intrigue, adventure, and love, which travels centuries to provide answers to the most mysterious questions of love, while discovering her altruistic mission and meaning to life. Only $0.99 on Kindle and $6.95 in paperback from Createspace and Amazon.

Catfish Cupid


Erin Cameron was down on her luck after her dad walked out on the family, her relationship ended and her current job was not funded for the following school year. To top it off, she was humiliated at her cousin’s wedding which she only attended to accompany her mother because her gorgeous sister was a bridesmaid. At the wedding she met Nate Kepler, a friend of the groom, who was fighting his own battles with leukemia. Though, as fate would have it, Nate’s sister, Kim, needed a companion to visit distant kin in Great Britain and at the last minute Nate decided to join them. Erin discovered that Nate would go to any extreme to gain her attention, despite Erin’s hesitancy to become involved with someone who might end in another devastating loss for her.

However, unwittingly Erin finds some surprising answers to her ongoing issues through a healing hypnotic session which reveals past lives that also involves Nate. Could she, along with a newly discovered distant kin, Audrey Spencer from London, who was attempting to heal from her own losses, assist one another to find comfort and love? This is an inspiring and heartwarming story that involves discovering one’s true self, both past and present, to be able to move forward successfully in all aspects of  life.  Only $5.95 on Amazon and Createspace in paperback and $0.99 on Amazon Kindle.

Miner Girls Gone

Historical Fiction 1875 era

“Miner Girls Gone”, based on many actual events, is an inspiring story of three young women’s lives during the coal mining era (1875) of Eastern Pennsylvania when the Molly Maguire organization terrorized the area. Born into mining families, they experienced many hardships and losses with aspirations of escaping the area to begin over again. Two of them were granted the opportunity to travel to Colorado in search of a better life. However, their past problems followed them while experiencing unexpected new dangers in an entirely new existence known as the “Wild West”.

Learn about an important time in history in this praiseworthy, heartwarming story of strong and resilient women who attempt to change their lives for the better, despite numerous obstacles in their path. Available in Amazon Kindle for $.99 and in paperback for $8.95 through Createspace and Amazon.



 The Christmas Letterbox

Angel Tweet Series

   Lucy worked at Mercy Hospital in the Housekeeping Department, readying the surgical room and sterilizing the toys in the Fun Room on the children’s floor. After she overheard a seriously ill child wishing for a letterbox to correspond with fairies similar to one in a much-loved book, it reminded her of her young daughter she had lost years ago. Lucy then brought in her daughter’s old letterbox to clandestinely communicate with the children. She never imagined what a difference it would make until she attempted to decorate the Fun Room into a Christmas Fairyland, complete with a castle and sparkling lights. Though, no good deed goes unpunished when she is fired for breaking the rules. Heartbroken that she had disappointed the children, the community comes together to create dreams while healing those in their midst. This is a heartwarming, Christmas story with a reminder of what the true meaning of Christmas encompasses for everyone, both young and old. Only $.99 on Kindle or $5.95 in paperback at Createspace and Amazon.



McGeek & Ali: Forever Christmas

MacIntyre MacGeehee and his friend, Ali Watson, become involved through their school’s community service requirements in finding a project in which to make a difference. When Bo, his dog, is picked up by Animal Control, they come to realize the overcrowded and deplorable condition of their local animal shelter. With the help of Tula in “MacGeek: Super Sleuth” where they were instrumental in turning a wasteland into a nature preserve, they once again band together for a common purpose. Despite an insurmountable goal, Mac has to circumvent bullies while Bo uncovers illegal activities all in pursuit of aiding homeless animals. Join Mac, Ali and Bo in their adventures as they seek a way to fulfill their ambition of obtaining a new Animal Shelter. Only $5.95 in paperback at Createspace and Amazon or $0.99 on Kindle (e-book). Happy reading!


The Indentured Scottish Princess 

1800s era – Historical Romance

          In a castle on the stark cliffs of Scotland, a comely young maid by the name of Bonny Mae McCree, was wooed by Duke Gregor’s handsome young son Gilpatrick. Though, Duke Gregor, who came to realize that she was with child when Gilpatrick was away, secretly married her off to a stable boy, Ewan, who fancied her, sending them both away to Glasgow.

Bonny Mae, upon succumbing to complications at birth, caused Ewan to hastily remarry for help in raising the child he named Celsey. As the years passed by, Ewan too, died while Celsey became betrothed to Rowen McTavish. But, tricked by her stepmother for payment to release her wayward stepbrother from debtor’s jail, Celsey found herself suddenly kidnapped and indentured for seven years while being sent to America.

Though, only on his deathbed does Duke Gregor confess that the childless and recently widowed Gilpatrick has a daughter. From that point on he, along with Rowen, desperately searched worldwide, taking the both of them to America and beyond to find the royal Scottish princess.

This novel is a must read for all historical fiction booklovers. Interspersed with courage, resilience, adventure and romance, a young princess and her loved ones must overcome enormous odds for her to return to Scotland to claim her rightful title. Only $0.99 for a Kindle e-book or $7.95 at Createspace and Amazon in paperback. Happy reading!

Confederate *ReBelle*

 Historical Civil War Romance

 The McAllister Twins lived the idyllic life on their  Magnolia Plantation in Virginia as Southern Belles  just before the beginning of the Civil War. Dolly, who  resembled her mother, was blonde with blue eyes  and charmed every available suitor during their  many socials. Anna was hardworking and  industrious, similar to her father and capable of all  pursuits especially involving the plantation and  horses. Both stunning in their own ways, they  possessed conflicting personalities. Though, after  the war had begun and both their father and brother  enlisted, they would have to depend on their  strengths and each other for survival, particularly after the Yanks confiscated their home as their headquarters.  Could they collaborate to survive while overcoming their animosity towards the enemy in their midst while their mother’s health decline?

This novel is a story of love, hate, courage, resilience and endurance of overcoming dissimilarities and overwhelming odds for the common purpose of protecting their property and all those they held dear. This is a must read for booklovers who enjoy a historical fiction, interspersed with adventure and romance revolving around the challenging transformation of our country.

This book is offered for only $.99 on Amazon-Kindle and $9.50 in paperback at Amazon and Createspace.



Secrets Where the

Wild Winds Blow

Bobbi McClennon had only one goal and that was to leave the small town of Westnedge, Nebraska for the University of Lincoln as soon as possible.  Though unexpectedly, life took a cruel turn when she attended a farewell bonfire with friends a week before her departure.  Everything that she had planned and hoped for suddenly changed, resulting in her having to make some very challenging choices about her future. Though, she was determined to find the persons who wronged her with the help of an ostracized classmate and his gay partner who were involved with forensics. Only then could family secrets and the culpable parties be brought to justice, but not without risking her life to unravel the truth.

This mystery thriller encompasses contemporary issues involving a compassionate and dedicated young woman, eager to right a wrong, despite scorn and intimidation while seeking  a pathway to healing her wounded soul through trust and love. Only $0.99 on Kindle or $7.95 in paperback at Amazon and Createspace.

The Song of Kanti:

Daughter of Independence

      Kanti, the daughter of Peter Tipton, a past Captain and deserter in the French and Indian Wars and her now deceased Native American mother, was raised within a small Massachuset band which was part of the Algonquin tribe. During a skirmish with a British detail over illegal logging, she was captured and returned to Boston to live with her wealthy Loyalist grandmother, Margaret Tipton, during the early Revolutionary War days.

    Though, Kanti was unable to acclimate to the English way of life, longing to find her father whose fate remained unknown. After being promised to a local pastor, she covertly joins the liberty movement as a spy for the cause. Caught in the middle between conflict, family, her true love, and allegiances, she must make decisions and take actions to protect that which is important to her.

   This inspiring novel is a worthy read for those who enjoy an adventurous historical romance that reflects the sacrifice and dedication of the daughters of our independence. Only $7.50 in paperback at Createspace and Amazon or $.99 on Kindle.


 For the Love of Sam

(Overcoming Adversity)

     Fay was at her wit’s end. Her marriage to Joe was a disaster with his drinking, hoarding, ADD problems and it was now over in her mind. She had moved in with her mother and hoped to transition the girls to a neighboring school for a new beginning from past issues. Though,  her mother unexpectedly passed away following a stroke, leaving her to deal with everything including a very demanding job.
     Samantha, her fourteen-year-old was having difficulty adapting to high school while her older daughter, who was smart and pretty, quietly attempted to compensate. However, when Sam began to run away and associate with the wrong crowd, Fay was forced to juggle everything to keep the family together. Extremely stressed which was affecting her job performance, she was unaware just how much this was negatively affecting everyone. Could she hold the family together while keeping her job? Could law enforcement make a positive difference? Could Sam’s love for animals be a turn-around for her?  Could she find support and a future from an unexpected source?
          Join Fay and her daughters in this modern day novel involving family interactive dynamics as they desperately attempt to find solutions to their overwhelming transitional issues. Only $6.95 in paperback on Create-space and Amazon and $0.99 on Kindle!

Grace: Forever Family

(Orphan Train Adventure) – era 1918

Grace Finley put her teaching career on hold, in anticipation of relocating with her beloved Adam whom she hoped would soon return from the war. Instead, she received a heartbreaking letter indicating that he had found another while stationed overseas. Too late in the year to obtain a teaching contract, she takes an interim position with the Children’s Aid Society for an orphan train excursion. There, she puts her heart and soul in finding new homes for the many orphaned children.

In her travels out west, she meets a pastor whom she fancies, but he is adored by one of her co-workers. Then, a new doctor enters her life, with whom she experiences unpredictable calamities on the Nebraska frontier, resulting in a loss of her teaching position. In the meantime, Adam unexpectedly reappears in her life once again, compromising her ability to move on.

Follow the adventures of Grace in this 1918 historical romance as she seeks to make a difference in the young lives around her while realizing her true love. Offered for only $.99 on Kindle and $9.50 in paperback on Amazon and Createspace.

Starla: Ultimate Betrayal

                    (Orphan Train Adventure)

    Starla Swanson and Marcum Walker were both children of the Orphan Train; however, they lived very different lives. Starla was shifted between families while Marc grew up in a loving environment and eventually became a police officer. Starla suffered abuse from family members, especially an older military son, Zeb, who had taken a fancy to her resulting in a pregnancy. Although she attempted to hide it until she graduated, she was thrown out of the house until a kind teacher took her in. There, she found another family in a nearby town to include an old captain who embraced her and her baby in their loving fold. Though, Zeb, upon his return, despite his indulgences, was determined to do right by her through marriage.                                                    

 “Starla: Ultimate Betrayal” is a novel involving love, hate, obsession, righteousness, flight, addictions, a devastating fire and finally intent to murder for money. Could Starla protect her daughter and herself while searching for peace in her life? Could she love anyone, despite her past?  Follow this historical depression era story of a young woman who must learn how to forgive the past through a resolve of moving forward by embracing the future. Only $8.95 in paperback, offered on Createspace and Amazon and $.99 on Kindle.


Emma: Healing Hearts

(Orphan Train Adventure)

   While Emma’s older sister, Carrie, and her destitute mother tended to their dying father, she and her brothers were sent off on the orphan train to find new families. Although Roy and Henry were adopted by farmers, Emma was less fortunate, being placed in an abusive home. Carrie, determined to find Emma, finds herself involved with the Chicago prohibition mobsters. Looking alike, they finally come together years later, only to realize that they are in danger with the need to disappear. Can the two find new beginnings in Denver, Colorado while being pursued?  Will Emma ever overcome her abuse to be able to love again? Follow this historical, inspirational adventure of a family torn apart, who must be able to forgive one another to once again bond together as a family. Available on Kindle for only $.99 or on Createspace and Amazon in paperback for $8.50.


MacGeek – Super Sleuth

Twelve-year-old MacIntyre McGeehee or Mac for short didn’t realize that he would become entangled in a mystery after his family moved from Boston to Williamsburg, Virginia. Because of his gifted aptitude, the bullies in his class soon dubbed him MacGeek for constantly ruining the class average. But, he utilized these exceptional abilities to invent high-tech devices to solve these mysteries. Mac, who soon became mired in several issues including ghosts of Williamsburg, the local Witch Tula, dognapping and a drug ring needed the help of his trusty dog, Bo. Could Mac with the assistance of his new friend, Ali, determine who were behind these circumstances and bring them to justice?

Join Mac, Ali and Bo in this compelling detective story of the new boy in the neighborhood who must use his gifts for the higher purpose of making a difference to those around him.  Available on Kindle for only $.99 or in paperback at Createspace and Amazon for $5.75.


Orphan Train Annie:

Finding Family

     Fifteen-year-old Annie Sweeney must tend to her dying mother while younger brother, Joey and sister, Molly are placed on an orphan train heading west to find new families. After her mother’s passing, Annie boards with Widow O’Hare, while working at her callous nephew’s textile factory. Determined to find her siblings, she disguises herself as a young boy to find passage west with the other orphans for work on a farm. During her excursion, she meets a worldly street boy, who becomes central in her new existence.
     Follow the adventures of Annie as she attempts to find her siblings while seeking a new life and eventually love in this heartwarming story. This is a inspiring historical novel for all ages to enjoy.
Only $.99 on Kindle and $7.95 in paperback on Amazon and Createspace.

O’Grady’s Glen

(Irish Mystical Adventure)

      A year after losing his father in an accident in New York City, eleven-year-old Dylan’s mom decided it was time to meet his kin in Killian, Ireland to help with the healing process.  The O’Grady clan who all resembled one another, including his ten-year-old cousin, Colleen, introduced him to a strange new way of living. Their glen, as fable would have it, was overseen by one very cranky leprechaun named Blarney, who was allegedly rescued by Dylan’s dad when he was a lad. Within this mystical place, would Dylan through a letterbox, be able to communicate with Blarney? Would Blarney make himself known, ultimately allowing Dylan to understand his roots while mending his grieving spirit?
      This is an inspiration story of an Irish family, through love and tradition, who come together in the time of need to comfort one another in the throes of sadness, while ultimately healing a young boy so he can successfully move forward with his life. A heartwarming novel, written primarily for youth, but can be enjoyed by all ages in this fantasy tale of a netherworld adventure. Only $.99 on Kindle and $5.75 in paperback on Amazon and Createspace.

Fore-ever Mine

A Teen Inspirational “Angel Tweet” book

Only $0.99 on Kindle and $5.75 on Createspace and Amazon

“Fore-ever Mine” is a story about a young teen who must overcome ADD, self-esteem issues and her father’s remarriage. Due to her mother’s new traveling sales job, she is forced to live with her father’s new family. Feeling unaccepted by her popular new stepsister and a completely different lifestyle, it is a total re-adjustment for her. But, could she find her niche; something she could excel at which would change her life for the better?  This inspiration story is for all teens who are seeking that special something which can turn their life around. Join Patty as she overcomes obstacles to re-invent herself to achieve her pathway to fulfillment in her life.

The Activity Angel

An “Angel Tweet” Christmas Book-card for that special person
“The Activity Angel”, an Angel Tweet book is a story about an angel, Celeste, who is assigned a very difficult mission at ‘Golden Gates Nursing Home’ as an Activity Director to bring cheer to the residents during the Christmas season. Believing this would be an easy task, she is overwhelmed by the indifference of the facility to the importance of the psycho-social and spiritual well-being of the residents. With the assistance of her supervisor, Archangel Gabriel, they must together devise a plan to circumvent this apathy and prove the value of the Activity Department to the overall health and happiness of each resident. This is a heartwarming Christmas story guaranteed to provide insight and inspiration while being enjoyed by all ages. Only $.99 on Kindle and $5.75 on Createspace and Amazon. Perfect to give to that special person as a book-card gift over the holidays!

Blessed Be Thanksgiving

an “Angel Tweet” Book

     Thirteen year old Vanessa, who lives with her addicted stepmother, finds herself in a predicament when she doesn’t return home after a night out. Her mother in Heaven fears for her safety, asking Archangel Michael for an intervention. Can a mysterious cat be sent to befriend and protect her while attempting to locate her long lost family? Can Earth Angels intercede to provide for a safe environment in the meantime? “Blessed Be Thanksgiving”, an Angel Tweet book”, is an inspirational story about a girl who must overcome insurmountable odds to find the true meaning of family. This is a heartwarming Thanksgiving story guaranteed to make you count your blessings. Now available in Amazon for $.99 in e-book and Createspace and Amazon in paperbook for $5.75.


Windswept Summer

An ‘Angel Tweet’ Wounded Warrior story

In this newest Angel Tweet book with a ‘wounded warrior’ theme, Jena must overcome both grief and betrayal.  While experiencing difficulty with the expectations of certain student entitlements as a math teacher in a small town, she comes to realize she is the last one to know of her husband’s infidelity. Her brother, Brad, killed by a roadside bomb while protecting his comrades two years ago is concerned with his fellow soldier who continues to suffer mentally and physically by his severe injuries.  Can he, with the heavenly help of Archangel Michael, bring these two together for the purpose of healing? This is an inspirational and heartwarming story of overcoming losses under heartbreaking circumstances. Now available on Kindle for only $0.99 and in paperback at Amazon and Createspace for $5.95.



Karma: Final Farewell

Grand finale of the “Psychic Sara Series” covering over 400 years
    “Karma: Final Farewell” is the grand finale  of  “The Psychic Sara Series” covering over four hundred years. Karma, daughter of Taryn and grand-daughter of Sara, finds her health compromised as her family remains under siege from past enemies. Realizing her family’s vulnerability, their power and wealth are threatened by past adversaries to undermine their position in the world. Insurmountable confrontations involving love, hate, jealousies, infidelity, and betrayal must be resolved to attain peace and tranquility once again in their lives.
     Intrigue, mystery and psychic powers are all intertwined to provide for an extraordinary and unanticipated outcome in this dramatic conclusion of the fourteen book saga. Now available in paperback at Createspace and Amazon and at all e-book sites for only $.99!

Homebound Journey

Angel Tweet Series 

Available for $.99 on Kindle or $5.95 for paperback on Createspace/Amazon

Homebound Journey

“Homebound Journey” of the “Angel Tweet” inspiration series is about a terminal cancer victim, Dana, who is all alone and only seeks to join her young son who passed away years ago. But, first she would like to self-publish a historical WWII romance book.

Karlee, a thirteen year old, who is computer savvy and a victim of vicious social bullying, is seeking a safe place over the summer. Can these two find one other while supporting their aspirations during a time of need?

Discover the intricacies of how to self-publish a book in both paperback and e-book by joining Dana and Karlee in overcoming their differences by forming an unlikely friendship to obtain their goals. A heartwarming novel which provides information, benevolence and inspiration to anyone who wishes to self-publish or just enjoy a noteworthy read!

Sophie: Suffragette   

Sophie: Suffragette

    “Sophie: Suffragette”, (1910 era) is the second historical prologue book following “Virtuous Bewitchment: Escape from Salem”, (1690 era) to the modern day “Sara the Psychic Sleuth Series”.

Sophie Young, who was gifted with many abilities, finds herself orphaned and living with her very strict religious grandparents. Desiring to become a doctor in Philadelphia, she must overcome pressure to marry and gender discrimination to follow her dreams.  As a member of the local suffrage organization, she finds support from those who are seeking women’s right to vote and to become an active part of the medical society controlled by men.  Despite many who wish to marry her, she must choose the right one who respects her abilities and aspirations to fulfill her goals to make a difference through the use of her special abilities to benefit others.

“Sophie: Suffragette” is the second of fourteen books involving four hundred years of history ranging from the colonial days to futuristic themes through the year 2075. Follow Sara(h)’s history from past to present as the many inherited gifts are passed on throughout many generations (to involve the Psychic Sara, Taryn and Karma series) in these adventurous stories sure to fascinate and delight all ages.

Now available in paperback at Amazon and Createspace and on all e-book sites for only $.99!

Virtuous Bewitchment:

Escape from Salem

Virtuous Bewitchment

“Virtuous Bewitchment: Escape from Salem” is the historical destiny of Sara’s great, great, great, great grandmother from the popular “Psychic Sara Series”. Sarah, who had to overcome tumultuous odds to conceal her special gifts of healing and protection, fled from England to obtain freedom to innocently find herself entangled in the Salem witch trials. She only had her powers and her beloved John for an opportunity to escape execution. From England to Massachusetts to Virginia, she is constantly pursued by her enemies, who relentlessly haunt her with reminders of her past.In pursuit of love, family and peace from persecution, this exciting and compelling novel paves the origins of the chronological foundation of the “Psychic Sara Series”, “Taryn Trilogy” and “Karma Series” covering 400 years of fulfilling destiny. Available on Createspace and Amazon in paperback and all e-book sites for only $0.99.


“Heavenly Birthday” 

Angel Tweet Series Greeting Book-card

Heavenly Birthday

“Heavenly Birthday”, the second book of the Angel Tweet Series, is a novel way to give a gift of love which can be enjoyed and then shared by ‘paying it forward’ through tweets to others. “Heavenly Birthday” is an inspiring story about how two lonely people come together through angel interventions to make a difference in one another’s lives. Monica, soon approaching thirty, is all alone after years of giving care to her mother prior to her passing. In the meantime, Celia, a child whom she teaches, needs a temporary home and Celeste appoints Gabe, a socially awkward angel, to intervene. Can these two, who both miss their mothers, form a bond? Can a dog Monica adopts from the Humane Society assist them in finding love and becoming a family? Share in this heartwarming story of how several angels must collaborate to assist in birthday wishes coming true.  Available in paperback ($5.95)at Amazon and Createspace and in e-book for on Amazon/kindle for only $.99.

Aimee Cupid – a novel Greeting Book-card gift

Part of the Angel Tweet series


“Aimee Cupid” is a novel concept of sending a   greeting book-card to a special person in your life for a gift that can be shared. It is designed for the person who wishes to make a difference in other peoples’ lives, by giving them something more than a holiday card to enjoy, who then has the opportunity to pay it forward through “Angel Tweets”. “Aimee Cupid” is a perfect and an inspiring gift for anyone between the ages of 10 to a 110, presented in a larger print, or as an inspirational story for your own personal pleasure.“Aimee Cupid”, the first book of the Angel Tweets Series, is an uplifting story about an angel, Aimee, who is sent to Earth on her first mission to help a brokenhearted girl find meaning in her life. But, despite having a spontaneous and fun-loving personality, Aimee must remain within the rules to accomplish this in order for her to advance into the next level within Heaven. Share Aimee’s experiences as she guides her newly found Earth friend, Krystal, in discovering possibilities while finding her ‘forever’ love.

Perfect for an individual gift or can be used as a fund-raiser for organizations. Please contact author for more information.


Karma: Captive Hearts

Taryn: Saga conclusion

Now available on Amazon Kindle for $.99 and Amazon or Createspace in paperback!

Karma: Captive Hearts

“Karma: Captive Hearts” is the thirteenth book of the saga, beginning with “Sara the Psychic Sleuth” series followed by the “Taryn Trilogy”.  Karma, the daughter of Taryn and Marl, who was Premier Leader of the Arenites, wasn’t about to relent to her father’s demands to marry within the society to a cerebral purebred, especially when her heart remained elsewhere. This resulted in dire consequences in her parents’ marriage and the well-being of her mother as she attempted to protect Karma from her destined fate.A powerful conclusion revolving around control, romance and revenge, all intertwined in providing for an extraordinary outcome in this adult novel. Now available in paperback at Createspace and Amazon and for only $.99 on all e-book sites.

Karma: Empowered

Taryn: Adult Epilogue

Now available on all e-book sites for $.99 and Amazon or Createspace in paperback!

Karma: Empowered

   “Karma: Empowered” is an adult epilogue to “Love’s Captive Fate”, a Taryn sequel. Tragedy struck Taryn and her family of four children when her beloved Caden died, shattering her blissful existence. With her adult children living elsewhere, she unexpectedly comes to realize that she has other children; one who is of need of a medical intervention to survive.

Unknown to her during her first marriage to an Arenite leader, Marl Almondine had her eggs extracted for the purpose of perpetuating the powers of the Arenite race. With the need of Taryn’s intervention to save thirteen-year-old Karma’s life, Marl re-enters Taryn’s peaceful world, never having stopped loving her despite their differences.

   In a futuristic novel revolving around jealously, powers and revenge, Taryn and Marl must overcome their tumultuous beginnings to make a future together for their gifted daughter. Intrigue, mystery and romance are all intertwined to provide for an extraordinary and dramatic outcome in this twelfth book of the saga in the continuing destiny of Taryn Rose.

The Ghost of Myrtle A. Turtle School

Juvenile Chapter Book

Now available on Amazon Kindle for $.99 and Amazon or Createspace in paperback!

The Ghost of Myrtle A. Turtle School

The McGinn Family had no choice but to head for the city where the jobs were to save the family farm back home. Though, Bobby a fourth grader and his sister, Angie who was in sixth grade definitely found trouble from the very first day at school. From encountering Goliath, a bully and his gang, and Lindsey and her stuck-up friends, it was difficult to fit in. Between Halloween tricks, a ghost, snakes, skunks and a six-legged frog, there was never a dull moment.

But could Bobby and Angie ever feel accepted while overcoming their difficulties, without wanting to run away back to their old life? Could a serious accident and a special entity make a difference to bring the school together for a common good?

Come join the adventures of Angie and Bobby, who had to find acceptance and justice while experiencing many life-changing lessons, not just for themselves but for the betterment of the entire school.


Love’s Inner Journey – Now available!

Paperback at Amazon and $.99 on Kindle

Love's Inner Journey

Love’s Inner Journey

Hannah Jensen, who was called homely Hannah as a child and negatively compared to her beautiful and popular older sister, was in dire need of a transformation. After her only relationship ended in a cruel way, she decided to reinvent herself. Finishing her Master’s degree, she lost sixty pounds and had her despised hook nose redone, resulting in a new job in her desired profession. Even though she switched her name to Anna to reflect the new person she had become, she had to learn to alter her negative mindset to one of self-love and acceptance before finding her forever love.

This is an adult romance that depicts an inner journey of a young woman who obtains her goals, through healing the hurts of the past, to accomplish life’s fullest potential while making a difference to those around her.

Love’s Captive Fate – Taryn: Adult sequel

Available in paperback from Amazon Createspace and on all e-books for $.99.

Love’s Captive Fate

After graduating from an advanced Veterinary Science program, Taryn was anxious to join the workforce. However, her Arenite ancestry, who had reprogrammed her to a 90% mental capability, had other plans for her life.  As a previous liaison between the Arenites and society, she had to use her special powers to unify both worlds to defeat evil invaders. Now, these powers were deemed valuable to the perpetuation of the Arenite geneology.Ultimately, Taryn found herself pursued in marriage by those of the Arenite society for the purpose of producing super-powered offspring. Independent in nature, Taryn had to overcome mind control, mental conditioning, and insurmountable odds while prevailing over danger in pursuit of finding her true soul mate.

This eleventh book of the saga (mature content material), provides mystery, adventure, and romance with a surprising conclusion in the early life of Taryn Rose.

The Powers of Fate – Book 3 – Taryn  Trilogy

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle/select -e-book


The Powers of Fate

In book three of the Taryn Trilogy, “The Powers of Fate”, reveals the climactic culmination in a galactic warfare between Taryn’s  ancestors, the Arenites, and the evil Turbodites who vow to destroy Washington DC in their goal of taking over the world. Taryn’s mission as a liaison between the Feds and Arenites are finally realized when they unify for the common purpose of rescuing Taryn from the evil grips of the Turbodites who are determined to use her higher powers against her own.  Intrigue, mystery and romance are all intertwined to provide for an extraordinary outcome and a dramatic conclusion.

Trails of Secrets - Book 2 of the Taryn Trilogy

Trails of Secrets

Available on Amazon and Createspace in paperback for $7.50 and in e-book for only $.99.Taryn meets her alien ancestors, the Arenites, when their small spacecraft crashes on their farm, and the Hines family heals and saves them from the Feds. Despite continuing persecution, the Arenites embrace Taryn as their future liaison between both worlds in anticipation of improved communications with the US government over alien enemies, the Turbodites, who are threatening to attack and take over the world with their ‘evil’ gene in the near future.

Taryn and her half-brother, Justin, are allowed to visit the Arenites underground base as they both become familiar with their clandestine way of life. In the meantime, Taryn and her family are harassed and persecuted by both the government and public opinion, resulting in many life changes for the family. The Arenites, in return, are there to ultimately save Taryn and protect her from future harm.

Despite Taryn’s continuous ongoing secret adventures, she attempts to maintain some degree of normalcy through her love for her horses and family, continuing to be involved in others’ lives as far away as England, to save them from harm through her exceptional abilities. During this time, she is introduced to her future soul mate, who will provide her support and training as the ‘War of Worlds’ is fast approaching.

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“The Destiny of Taryn Rose” - 

Book 1 of the Taryn Trilogy

Now available at all e-book sites for only $.99 and in paperback at Amazon and Createspace

The Destiny of Taryn Rose

Taryn, teen daughter of Sara of the (Psychic Sara Series) learns of her true heritage, which resulted in her super powers, providing the opportunity to meet her half-brothers for the first time. Involved with her horses, she continues to warn others of impending dangers, while making a difference to those around her. Through her heightened sense of prediction and healing, she expands her horizons. During tours of mystical sites, she is contacted by ancestral alien entities for future intercommunications between the two worlds.This is a compelling, magical story of an adventurous teen in her formative years who realizes, while finessing her gifts, that her higher purpose in life will affect all of mankind.

“The Secrets of Stonehenge Society”

The Secrets of Stonehenge Society

Sara Neuman, despite her many adventures as a teen and continuing member of a secret clan, was able to sufficiently repress her special abilities to graduate from college as a social worker. Eager to maintain a normal existence, she accepts a job at a local hospital as a discharge planner. However, her past comes to haunt her as she meets several boyfriends all
vying for her attention. Will Mark, her first love or Nick, her teen companion, both of whose lives she saved be the one? Or will it be Jeff, who took her to the prom or possibly Nathan, an intern at the hospital, who will ultimately win her heart?

While attempting to contact members worldwide of her SOS society, she must once again use her dormant powers for self-protection. Becoming ill unexpectantly and momentarily powerless, her forever love is ultimately revealed.

As an adult sequel (mature content material) to the teen “Psychic Sara Series”, this novel provides adventure and romance while solving one of the many mysteries of the world. This book is available at e-book sites for only $.99 and in paperback at Createspace and Amazon.

“Sara and the Cyber Psychic Squad”

Book 4….Now Available

in paperback at Amazon/Createspace and in e-book for $.99

Sara and the Cyber Psychic Squad

Sara and the Cyber Psychic Squad

In book four of the Psychic Sara Series, “Sara and the Cyber Psychic Squad” continues, through the use of her special powers, to make a difference to others.

In the midst of maintaining her romantic relationship and school activities, Sara must teach her new comrade how to effectively use his powers to ultimately save their lives. Assisting in domestic abuse cases, Sara learns first hand, how this can affect one’s very own existence. During a medical intervention of saving a cousin in England, she discovers the mysterious secrets of her origins and ancestry of her powers.

In this exciting and compelling last novel, Sara’s destiny evolves into a new and different path; somewhere she never imagined it would take her.


“Sara and the Destiny of the Stars”

Available at Amazon/Createspace in paperback and in e-books for $.99

Book 3 Cover

Sara and the Destiny
of the Stars

In a compelling third novel, Sara and her adventures continue, but with her long lost cousin, Kerri, who joins forces with her from England. Intertwined with romance, intrigue, and mystery, Sara finds herself involved in real life issues with surprising twists and turns to prevent injustices. Can she thwart an abuser who is stalking her cousin or save a dying friend at the eleventh hour, despite ostracism and prejudice?

In part 1, “Star-Struck”: Sara and Kerri undertake more complicated issues of preventing a friend from self-harm, supporting a family involved with a devastating genetic disease and lending support to a gay friend who is being harassed. All the while, she attempts to juggle her sports schedule and her social life with two boyfriends: One who saved her from harm and the other with whom she has a deeper connection. Which one will she choose?

In part 2, “Triple Trouble”: Sara, through unexpected means, discovers a comrade to teach and enhance his capabilities as she becomes a target from a jealous rival. Can the three of them find the perpetrator, before Sara becomes the next victim in an evil plot?

Amidst the infinite stars surrounding her life, Sara’s destiny has been charted for her as she seeks guidance and purpose through the mysterious powers of the unknown.


“Sara to the Second Power”

Available through Amazon and Createspace in paperback

and at all e-books sites for $.99

“Sara to the Second Power” book cover

In a sequel to “Sara the Psychic Sleuth”, Sara continues to assist others through her psychic gifts in “Sara to the Second Power”. Sara makes every attempt to be a normal teenage girl involved in sports, in which she excels, while a budding romance evolves. But nothing is normal in Sara’s life for long.

In part 1 “Good versus Evil”, Sara becomes immersed in a kidnapping and murder investigation. Can she find the perpetrator before he comes for her or her friend? Will she be able to decode a secret message to find the whereabouts of a kidnapped friend? Can she intervene when bullying becomes dangerous or protect herself from jealous rivals?

At last, through part 2 “Double Trouble”, Sara makes gains when she discovers a long lost cousin, over in England, who has a similar gift as Sara. Together, they are able to protect each other from harm, while continuing to make a difference in the lives of others.

This is a must read for teens who are seeking a journey into adventure through understanding the mysterious powers of the unknown.


“Sara the Psychic Sleuth”

Available in paperback at Amazon/Createspace and in e-books for $.99!

psychic sara series

Sara the Psychic Sleuth

Sara, The Psychic Sleuth is the first book in the Psychic Sara Series. It is now available at all e-book sites for $.99. Paperback can be purchased through www.amazon.com and Createspace web sites.

About the book:

Thirteen year old Sara Neuman inherited a psychic gift from her maternal side of the family. She can predict the future and move things at will. This is something her single dad, David Neuman, is unable to cope with or understand, even after years of trying. His only solution, following another devastating relationship break-up and work-related issues, is to move back East to seek guidance from her grandmother. This fact, coupled with the woes of becoming a teenager, Sara depends on her Granny’s advice on how to control her energy surges, while also seeking acceptance for who she is.

Part one, ‘New Beginnings’, depicts a menagerie of problems that Sara must learn to overcome through her Granny’s teachings on how to control and use her gift in a socially accepted manner. During the following year, as her granny’s health declines, Sara endures both ostracism and depression, while assisting her dad in finding someone who is compatible to the family’s needs to become her new stepmother.

In part two, ‘The Psychic Squad’, Sara, with the help of her new stepmother and friends, is able to use her gifts more appropriately to warn others of impending danger, while discovering new talents and her first love.

This is a compelling, magical story of a teen, who despite many losses and hardships, finds a new meaning to life. While finessing her gifts, she matures into a talented young teen who has learned how to accept herself, while making a difference to those around her.


A note from Sara to all teens:

Mystic is Sara’s cat who helps her solve mysteries.


‘Sara the Psychic Sleuth’ is more than just an entertaining story. It has a purpose and that is for all teens who are experiencing hardship to maintain hope, however difficult the present may be. The teen years involve possibly the most changes in a short period of time. Any type of change, rather good or bad, often involves a grieving period. The grieving process has several stages from denial or isolation, anger, bargaining and depression prior to acceptance, and there is no time limit as to how long any of these take. The most difficult changes, from relationship issues to family losses, can vary from weeks to years. Most important, is to give the process time to work, and seek help to deal with these changes, if necessary.

Family and friend support are essential, but it may involve more, such as a need for professional counseling. It is important to develop a rapport with a counselor and recognize if this may not be happening. Sara’s experience with her first counselor was an exaggeration, but she did eventually find one who better understood her.

It may be necessary to ask for help when issues become insurmountable. This can be through family, friends, school guidance counselors or a hotline.

The teen years are such a small part of your entire life. Few come through totally unscathed, but if it is viewed as a learning experience, it can be a pathway to a much happier future.




  • By George, September 19, 2012 @ 11:03 AM

    Congratulations on completing your first book, Go Sara!!!

  • By Celeste, December 9, 2012 @ 7:29 PM

    OMG I am soooo impresssed!!! Go Peggy!

  • By Suzette Schultz, December 12, 2013 @ 2:53 PM

    I just finished reading the psychic Sara series, All four books. I loved them and hope there will be a fifth, six and sixteen. Keep up the good work.

  • By Suzette Schultz, December 17, 2013 @ 3:29 PM

    I just got done reading The Secrets of Stonehenge Society and love it. I wanted Sara to fall in love with Mark yet I still wanted her to fall for Nick. This book did both. I enjoyed the whole experience of the book. I can’t wait to read The destiny of Taryn Rose. Thank you so much for hours of enjoyment.

  • By Suzette Schultz, December 18, 2013 @ 1:39 PM

    I just finished The Destiny Of Taryn Rose and found that it lacked nothing. It was wonderful written. Thanks!

  • By Suzette Schultz, December 18, 2013 @ 11:08 PM

    Hello, I finish Trails of Secrets and just love the book. I like all the relationships and dynamic of all the different families and how they interact with each other. The storyline is getting more sy fi and I find I like it. I usually do not go in for this kind of book but I really like this series.

  • By Suzette Schultz, December 19, 2013 @ 5:42 AM

    Boy, have we traveled far. From Sara as a frustrated kid to it being 2025. It’s amazing and I loved every minute of The Power of Fate. Way to go Peggy.

  • By peggymcgee, December 28, 2013 @ 12:23 PM

    It continues with the Taryn sequel and epilogue and then the final saga into the 2060s. Ironically, I never liked sci-fi myself in the past, but wanted to continue the series and that was the only direction to go. So, I deemed it more futuristic to appease the real sci-fiers. The inspiration must come from beyond! Just published the eleventh and last of the series “Karma: Captive Hearts”, final of the saga. So onward to another project to be determined, though I will truly miss all of the characters of the story. Thank you so much for your positive comments. It makes the last year and a half of continuous writing well worth it!

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