Love’s Captive Fate – Taryn: Adult Sequel

After graduating from an advanced Veterinary Science program, Taryn was anxious to join the workforce. However, her Arenite ancestry, who had reprogrammed her to a 90% mental capability, had other plans for her life.  As a previous liaison between the Arenites and society, she had to use her special powers to unify both worlds to defeat evil invaders. Now, these powers were deemed valuable to the perpetuation of the Arenite geneology.

Ultimately, Taryn found herself pursued in marriage by those of the Arenite society for the purpose of producing super-powered offspring. Independent in nature, Taryn had to overcome mind control, mental conditioning, and insurmountable odds while prevailing over danger, in pursuit of finding her true soul mate.

This is an adult sequel (mature content material), providing mystery, adventure, and romance for a surprising “happily ever after” conclusion of the life of Taryn Rose.


Taryn Teen Trilogy – Sci-fi adventures – now available on Kindle for only $.99 each!

The Taryn Trilogy, consisting of “The Destiny of Taryn Rose”, “Trails of Secrets” and “The Powers of Fate”, is now published! Check out the adventures of Taryn, born with super powers, whose mission is to ultimately save the world through her liaison between the Feds and her Arenite alien ancestors. Romance and mystery surround both her many real-life and fantasy adventures. Available through Amazon in e-book for only $.99 each and paperback. Check out for other periodic free promotions of all Peggy McGee books, including her Psychic Sara Series on Kindle also!

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