Karma: Empowered – Taryn: adult epilogue $.99 Kindle

Now available in paperback on Amazon/ Createspace and Kindle for only $.99

“Karma: Empowered” is an adult epilogue to “Love’s Captive Fate”, a Taryn sequel. Tragedy struck Taryn and her family of four children when her beloved Caden died, shattering her blissful existence. With her adult children living elsewhere, she unexpectedly comes to realize that she has other children; one who is of need of a medical intervention to survive.

Unknown to her during her first marriage to an Arenite leader, Marl Almondine had her eggs extracted for the purpose of perpetuating the powers of the Arenite race. With the need of Taryn’s intervention to save thirteen-year-old Karma’s life, Marl re-enters Taryn’s peaceful world, never having stopped loving her despite their differences.

In a futuristic novel revolving around jealously, powers and revenge, Taryn and Marl must overcome their tumultuous beginnings to make a future together with their gifted daughter. Intrigue, mystery and romance are all intertwined to provide for an extraordinary outcome and a dramatic conclusion to the destiny of Taryn Rose.


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