Karma: Captive Hearts – Final book of Saga

 Karma: Captive Hearts is the final book of the saga beginning with “Sara the Psychic Sleuth”  series, followed by the “Taryn Trilogy”. Karma is the daughter of Taryn, and grand-daughter of Sara, who is being forced by her Arenite Premier Leader father into a forced marriage to a cerebrel purebred, despite her heart being with another. This results in much conflict and dire consequences in the marriage between Taryn and Marl as her mother attempts to protect her from her destined fate.

A powerful outcome revolving around control, romance and revenge, all intertwined in providing for an extraordinary outcome in this futuristic and riveting conclusion.

Alien Seekers – Check Out Taryn trilogy

Trails of Secrets

Attention Trekkies and alien seekers; here’s a trilogy written just for you. Taryn Trilogy has been classified under the young adult section since it is GP rated, but it will maintain the interest of adults as well. Taryn, in the first book “The Destiny of Taryn Rose” , realizes her ancestry is derived from the alien group, the Arenites, from whom she inherited her special powers. In the “Trails of Secrets” she meets and maintains contact with the Arenites via saving their lives after a UFO crash. In the final book of the trilogy, “The Powers of Fate”, Taryn is sought after by the evil Turbodites for marriage and her geneology as the Arenites in galactic warfare save the US from invaders. Following the trilogy are the adult versions including “The Secrets of Stonehenge Society”, “Love’s Captive Fate” and two about her daughter, “Karma Empowered” and “Karma: Captive Hearts” All these books are available for $.99 on Kindle or in paperback at Createspace or Amazon. Synopses available on www.peggymcgeebooks.com.

Love’s Inner Journey – Self awareness romance for all!

Spend a cold evening with a light romance that depicts the journey that a young woman has experienced to actuate her goals in life. From a socially awkward young girl to an attractive young woman, Anna used her strengths and inner fortitude to become what she desired while meeting the unexpected man of her future. This novel involves a learning experience while accepting oneself to make a difference, not just in one’s own life, but with others also. Experience the inside issues of a school social worker and her friends who work in a nursing facility and how they must deal with them for basic survival. This will be a rewarding time spent for only $.99 on Amazon-kindle and also offered in paperbook at Amazon and Createspace!

The Ghost of Myrtle A. Turtle School

Introducing a chapter book for the 4th and 5th grader about real life family and school issues. See how Angie and her brother Bobby must deal with moving to another school, foreclosure, bullying and learning disabilities. A great book for a quick read and an upcoming book report. Guaranteed to entertain you while dealing with real life issues. Only $.99 on Amazon/kindle and also available in paperback on Amazon and Createaspace.

Attention all ESL students

As a reading specialist, I have developed a series of books which are entertaining, mature and easy to read. Both the “Psychic Sara Series” and “The Taryn Teen Trilogy” (futuristic daughter of Sara) are geared towards a high school level of reading; however, relates to an adult audience without extra adult content. In addition, several adult sequels to include “The Secrets of Stonehenge Society”, a Sara adult sequel and Love’s Captive Fate, a Taryn adult sequel are also offered. To conclude, the daughter of Taryn, Karma, concludes the series with  adult books “Karma: Empowered” and Karma: “Captive Hearts”. For only $.99 each on the kindle and under $12.00, one can read the entire series of eleven books. All of these are available on Amazon and Createspace in paperback also. Please check out the website peggymcgeebooks.com for synopsis of each book. Happy reading!

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