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Taryn, teen daughter of Sara of the (Psychic Sara Series) learns of her true heritage, which resulted in her super powers, providing the opportunity to meet her half-brothers for the first time.  Involved with her horses, she continues to warn others of impending dangers, while making a difference to those around her. Through her heightened sense of prediction and healing, she expands her horizons. During tours of mystical sites, she is contacted by ancestral alien entities for future intercommunications between the two worlds.

This is a compelling, magical story of an adventurous teen in her formative years who realizes, while finessing her gifts, that her higher purpose in life will affect all mankind.

Book two – Taryn-Trails of Secrets, both she and her family actually come to know their alien ancestors – the Arenites, via saucer accident on their farm. While in book three- The Powers of Fate, Taryn is trusted to be a liaison between the Arenites and the US government during galactic warfare of the capitol.




The Destiny of Taryn Rose


A Novel Valentine Gift that keeps on giving!

     This year send your loved one a Valentine book-card greeting that gives all year long. Wonderful for the pre-teen all the way up to the elderly that is large print and easy-to-read. After enjoying, it can be ‘passed forward’ by tweeting it for others to read!   This is a heartwarming story about an angel who is sent on a mission to help a young lady find love and purpose in her life again.

Now available on to order thru 1/27 in time for Valentine’s Day to give a little extra love and enjoyment to that special person!

Please check out www.peggymcgeebooks for a complete synopsis!



Angel Tweet Book-cards – a novel gift concept!

Angel Tweet Book-cards

   “Aimee Cupid” is a novel concept of sending a greeting book-card to a special person in your life for a gift that can be shared. It is designed for the person who wishes to make a difference in other peoples’ lives, by giving them something more than a holiday card to enjoy, who then has the opportunity to pay it forward through “Angel Tweets”. “Aimee Cupid” is a perfect and an inspiring gift for anyone between the ages of 10 to a 110, presented in a larger print, or as an inspirational story for your own personal pleasure.    “Aimee Cupid”, the first book of the Angel Tweets Series, is an uplifting story about an angel, Aimee, who is sent to Earth on her first mission to help a brokenhearted girl find meaning in her life. But, despite having a spontaneous and fun-loving personality, Aimee must remain within the rules to accomplish this in order for her to advance into the next level within Heaven.

Share Aimee’s experiences as she guides her newly found Earth friend, Krystal, in discovering possibilities while finding her ‘forever’ love.

Perfect for an individual gift or can be used as a fund-raiser for organizations. Please contact author for more information.




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