Attention: First Time Self-publishers!

So, you want to publish your first book! Congratulations. It has taken me over two years, but after self-publishing nineteen books, I have finally been able to fine-tune the process to an affordable cost! In “Homebound Journey” of my  “Angel Tweet Series”, I have conveyed within the story-line the rewards and frustrations of self-publishing. However, it can be done! The plot is multi-faceted about a dying woman who meets a bullied teen by accident.  While giving her a safe place to chill, the teen assists her in navigating the computer world to obtain her final bucket list goal of publishing a novel she had written years ago. This is a heartwarming and inspiring story of two generations coming together for a common purpose. For a full synopsis, please check out Now only $.99 on Kindle and $5.95 in paperback at Createspace and Amazon.

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