Windswept Summer – inspiring ‘wounded warrior’ book

In this newest Angel Tweet book with a Wounded Warrior theme, Jena must overcome both grief and betrayal.  While experiencing difficulty with the expectations of certain student entitlements as a math teacher in a small town, she comes to realize she is the last one to know of her husband’s infidelity. Her brother, Brad, killed by a roadside bomb while protecting his comrades two years ago is concerned with his fellow soldier who continues to suffer mentally and physically by his severe injuries.  Can he, with the heavenly help of Archangel Michael, bring these two together for the purpose of healing? This is an inspirational and heartwarming story of overcoming losses under heartbreaking circumstances. Now available on Kindle for only $0.99 and in paperback at Amazon and Createspace for $5.95.

Windswept Summer



Psychic Sara Series-Fourteen Book Saga Covering 400 Years

 ”Karma: Final Farewell” is the grand finale book of a fourteen book saga beginning with the historic “Virtuous Bewitchment: Escape from Salem”, (era 1690)  followed by “Sophie: Suffragette” (era 1910). “The Psychic Sara Series” – (modern day) 4 books, the “Taryn series” -  (futuristic) 3 books, concluding with the “Karma Series” – 3 books, each for only $.99 at all e-book sites! Share the adventures of this mysterious family over the centuries who harbor super powers and must overcome insurmountable odds of love, hate, jealousies, infidelity and betrayal in pursuit of happiness and peace. Intrigue, mystery, romance, psychic powers and revenge are all intertwined to provide many hours of extraordinary entertainment.

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