O’Grady’s Glen – a YA story about healing a loss

A year after losing his father in an accident in New York City, eleven-year-old Dylan’s mom decided it was time to meet his kin in Killian, Ireland to help with the healing process.  The O’Grady clan who all resembled one another, including his ten-year-old cousin, Colleen, introduced him to a strange new way of living. Their glen, as fable would have it, was overseen by one very cranky leprechaun named Blarney, who was allegedly rescued by Dylan’s dad when he was a lad. Within this mystical place, would Dylan through a letterbox, be able to communicate with Blarney? Would Blarney make himself known, ultimately allowing Dylan to understand his roots while mending his grieving spirit?

This is an inspiration story of an Irish family, through love and tradition, who come together in the time of need to comfort one another in the throes of sadness, while ultimately healing a young boy so he can successfully move forward with his life. A heartwarming novel, written primarily for youth, but can be enjoyed by all ages in this fantasy tale of a netherworld adventure.

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