Historical fiction for an enjoyable read!

Learn different eras in history by reading historical novels. Beginning with the very popular “Orphan Train Adventures”, high school students through adults can experience the many hardships these children had to endure in these realistic novels of the era. These include “Orphan Train Annie”, “Grace: Forever Family”, “Emma: Healing Hearts” and “Starla: Ultimate Betrayal”  revolving around the early 1900s. Other historical novels include “The Indentured Scottish Princess” (1800s era), whereby a Duke travels across the ocean to seek a long-lost daughter who was kidnapped. “The Song of Kanti: Daughter of Independence” is a Revolutionary War spy novel. “Confederate *ReBelle*” is a novel spanning the entire Civil War about twin sisters and their will to survive. “Miner Girls Gone”, newly published, is about the experiences of three young women who attempt to escape the coal country of Pennsylvania and head west to Colorado for a new beginning. (era 1875) All of these novels will expand your horizons about the strength of these young women to survive, seeking better lives for themselves and their loved ones. These are available on Kindle for $.99 and in paperback at Amazon and Createspace. For summaries, please refer to www.peggymcgeebooks.com


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