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Self-publishing – the editing part

I have never been amazed about how writing has become a total experience. In the past centuries, one always thought of authors as being mostly introverts who relished their quiet time, while producing their writings. These days, it seems as though one needs to be an extrovert just to market their product. This leaves the introvert theory in the realm of  past history.

Since publishing a book is an overall comprehensive experience, I will break it into parts. First, the fun part is writing the book. If you don’t enjoy this part of it the most, it is definitely not worth your time and effort. The fiction aspect of it lets you delve into the right brain sphere of your imagination. As someone suggested: write a book you have always wanted to read or for us seniors; ones you would like to leave in legacy for your children or grandchildren.

Following the fun part of actual writing becomes the tedious part of editing. I have come to the conclusion that even though you may have the best editor and have read it over multiple times, you will always find one more mistake.

There are always those that no matter how interesting or well-written a book is; a mistake will distract some readers from the total comprehension of a concept. Everyone knows these types of people. They just can’t get past the minute details. So, this is why editing remains important.

More than likely, the editors have different levels of editing. Although one begins with the idea of having the book reviewed for minor errors at a reasonable cost, it inevitably gets bumped up to a more extensive and expensive editing. So, be prepared. And if you use the same editor, it will, more than likely, remain at that level unless you switch to another one, even though you have improved immensely.

Other less expensive forms of editing include finding an English teacher looking to moonlight, asking several professional friends to read it for corrections and to finally read it over and over again and ultimately, out loud, word by word. In addition, it helps to have one to two computer grammar programs to review your work. After the above experience of editing and re-editing, no matter how much you love your book, you are ready to let it go and move on.

Hopefully, the above helps you ready your book for the actual self-publishing of it, which I will discuss, in length, at a later time. Happy writing and editing!






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