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Attention all ESL students

As a reading specialist, I have developed a series of books which are entertaining, mature and easy to read. Both the “Psychic Sara Series” and “The Taryn Teen Trilogy” (futuristic daughter of Sara) are geared towards a high school level of reading; however, relates to an adult audience without extra adult content. In addition, several adult sequels to include “The Secrets of Stonehenge Society”, a Sara adult sequel and Love’s Captive Fate, a Taryn adult sequel are also offered. To conclude, the daughter of Taryn, Karma, concludes the series with  adult books “Karma: Empowered” and Karma: “Captive Hearts”. For only $.99 each on the kindle and under $12.00, one can read the entire series of eleven books. All of these are available on Amazon and Createspace in paperback also. Please check out the website for synopsis of each book. Happy reading!

Sara and the Cyber Psychic Squad

Coming soon is book 4 of the Psychic Sara Series – “Sara and the Cyber Psychic Squad” – Will be available in February at all e-book sites and paperback at Amazon.

Sara and the Destiny of the Stars – Book 3

“Sara and the Destiny of the Stars” – book 3 is now available for $2.99 in e-book. Coming soon in paperback!


Book one-”Sara the Psychic Sleuth” free e-book coupon

For a holiday special, I am offering a free coupon through Smashwords to upload book one “Sara the Psychic Sleuth” via of e-book! Just use the promotion code BD89D and enjoy! And, of course, all of my books are eligible for a free upload at all libraries. Just put in a request if it isn’t already. Happy Holidays and enjoy!

Coming soon! Sara and the Destiny of the Stars – book 3

“Sara and the Destiny of the Stars” book three of the “Psychic Sara Series” is now available at Smashwords for $2.99 and coming soon to Amazon-kindle and in paperback form!  Give e-book 1 – “Sara the Psychic Sleuth” , only $.99 and e-book 2 – “Sara to the Second Power” – only $1.99 as a fun and educational gift for the holidays!


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