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Sara and the Cyber Psychic Squad

Coming soon is book 4 of the Psychic Sara Series – “Sara and the Cyber Psychic Squad” – Will be available in February at all e-book sites and paperback at Amazon.

Sara to the Second Power – e-book coupon

Use the code KU96L for 50% off to access “Sara to the Second Power” for all e-books (through Smashwords). Cost is $.99 through 2/12/13

Sara and the Destiny of the Stars – Book 3

“Sara and the Destiny of the Stars” – book 3 is now available for $2.99 in e-book. Coming soon in paperback!


Book one-”Sara the Psychic Sleuth” free e-book coupon

For a holiday special, I am offering a free coupon through Smashwords to upload book one “Sara the Psychic Sleuth” via of e-book! Just use the promotion code BD89D and enjoy! And, of course, all of my books are eligible for a free upload at all libraries. Just put in a request if it isn’t already. Happy Holidays and enjoy!

Coming soon! Sara and the Destiny of the Stars – book 3

“Sara and the Destiny of the Stars” book three of the “Psychic Sara Series” is now available at Smashwords for $2.99 and coming soon to Amazon-kindle and in paperback form!  Give e-book 1 – “Sara the Psychic Sleuth” , only $.99 and e-book 2 – “Sara to the Second Power” – only $1.99 as a fun and educational gift for the holidays!


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