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Book one-”Sara the Psychic Sleuth” free e-book coupon

For a holiday special, I am offering a free coupon through Smashwords to upload book one “Sara the Psychic Sleuth” via of e-book! Just use the promotion code BD89D and enjoy! And, of course, all of my books are eligible for a free upload at all libraries. Just put in a request if it isn’t already. Happy Holidays and enjoy!

“Sara to the Second Power” coming soon!

“Sara to the Second Power”, book two of the Psychic Sara Series

is now available on most e-book sites at $2.99. Kickstarter will be coming soon to fund the paperback version which will then be available through Amazon and kindle e-book. Please check it out!

Discount Coupon for Smashwords ebook

Below is the link and coupon code to save 10% off the ebook for “Sara the Psychic Sleuth” on Smashwords.  Coupon expires January 1, 2013.


Coupon Code: SR23W


Check out my Kickstarter for the hardcover of this book, tee-shirt or a signed copy!

Will be mailed in time for Christmas in the US!

Sara’s first update:

New updates available for Sara the Psychic Sleuth:

Sara is now available in ebook through and Kindle Direct in addition to Smashwords for only $2.99.  Please refer to links on the home page.

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